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There are many documents to check.

Real estate appraisal | "VISURA CATASTALE"

This document must show the current owners and the floor plan or map of the property. If the owners or the floor plan do not match the property, the problem must be resolved before you purchase the property.

Mortgage certificate | "VISURA IPOTECARIA"

This is one of the most important documents in the purchasing process and will show if any liens have been placed on the property. If there are, this problem must be solved before you purchase the property.

Town planning compliance | "CONFORMITA' URBANISTICA"

We assess whether the property has been constructed in compliance with the local building code and local ordinances and if unauthorized work has been done on the property. If so, the seller must take steps to resolve the problem before the sale is completed.

Deed of provenance | ATTO DI PROVENIENZA

This is an important document that shows how the seller acquired the property (e.g. through a sale, inheritance, donation or other).

Energy performance certificate | "APE"

This document certifies the energy efficiency of the building.

Apartment building regulation:

If the property is an apartment, we analyze the building rules to check that there are no limitations to the right of ownership and ensure that the building owners aren’t planning any expensive projects.

Pre-emption rights:

Italian law sometimes reserves a right of first refusal to some people. We check that the property you want to purchase has no outstanding rights that could be exercised.

Certificate of habitability | "CERTIFICATO DI ABITABILITÁ"

The town or city issues this document, which certifies that the house is suitable for living in and complies with safety and health standards.

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